My journey towards ‘becoming a writer’ Part 1 (Thoughts, Feelings, Updates)

What makes one a writer?

I’m not referring to a literate person here. A writer, in this case, is someone that defines themselves as such.

Is it sitting down to pen a daily number of words? Getting paid to write every day? But what about those that get paid to write a few times a week or month? Does their infrequency even though they are getting paid really mean that they aren’t considered writers by those that do? What about those that only wrote up until the point that they finished a book and after successfully published and sold said book made the decision to take a break from writing?

Such are the convoluted thoughts and questions that twist and burrow to make a home in my mind. My answer to these and more questions is bohemian in the extreme: ‘Writers write.’

‘Writers write.’

It really is that simple. But wait-anyone can pick up a pen and jot down a hundred words and ‘be a writer’ by my definition so allow me to define this under my personal value system. I am an obsessive being with an addictive personality  who is highly competitive. To me then, when I tell people I’m on the journey towards ‘becoming a writer’ I am not being modest.

I  write every day and am not nor have I ever been paid for it in any way. I receive very little feedback and have only recently started posting online. The words novice, initiate, beginner, and noob all hover at the forefront of my mind buzzing their remonstrations for me to quit. But I do not.

This idea of a novel I’ve had brewing for around a year influenced me to start my project of writing short stories every day for a year to train this craft as quickly as possible. Alas, I haven’t posted one every day since I’ve started this time last month, I’ve missed four or five. I failed. I wanted to stop after I missed that first one. The guilt that I felt those days is something that I had been running from my entire life. Why I’d always quit when the going got tough and why I’d run to distractions. I’ve learned so much about disciplining my own mind. Time management has become a running fear whereas in my past I would

I wanted to stop after I missed that first one. The guilt that I felt those days is something that I had been running from my entire life. Why I’d always quit when the going got tough and why I’d run to distractions. I’ve learned so much about disciplining my own mind. Time management has become a running fear, whereas in my past I would ‘waste’ time with video games and media I didn’t enjoy even 5% of the time.

Now that I like what I’m doing I’m constantly thinking about writing. Story ideas, techniques, character traits, dialogue, and poetry are in the forefront of my mind. I work 40+ hours a week at a day job making minimum wage. I try to work at least as much on my writing as I do while at my job. My goal is eight hours a day whether that be reading, writing or researching for my craft.

Some of my long term goals for the next 5-10 years include:

  • Pen a popular fiction series that will positively impact the environment through awareness of global warming themes and donate a percentage of sales towards environmental preservation organizations.
  • Learn more about photography and poetry so that I can develop a book with all of my own photos and original poems.
  • Focus on positively influencing one person every day to hopefully create something which, if each person feels inspired they can inspire someone else and it will snowball out of control. Spreading happiness and creativity pyramid scheme style.

This blog started as a short story platform where I would produce one a day. I failed. I am okay with failure. I am okay with critics, which is why all of my daily creative short written work is and will be continued to be posted the day I write it. I’ve also started to post some of my poetry as well. If you like what I’ve done so far, comment. If you hate my writing because of x and y, comment. If you want to simply say hi or ask me a question about anything, comment. So often this feels like a shout in the wind. But this is the start of my ‘journey’ which I hope will never end as I continue to learn and grow and help those around me. If you have read this far, really and sincerely, thank you.

Roderick Wills


17 thoughts on “My journey towards ‘becoming a writer’ Part 1 (Thoughts, Feelings, Updates)

  1. I’m so glad you found my blog, or I wouldn’t have found yours!
    I wanted to try the short stories and (ugh!) poetry on Wattpad to help keep the writing muscle strong, but I haven’t gotten around to it. Procrastination is such an evil thing…

    I’ll zip through to get a boost of motivation whenever I can. Thanks for braving the crit sharks, Roderick. 🙂

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    1. Of course! Super late reply but you have to get that fear of criticism out of your heart in order to get better-at anything. It’s not something that can be accomplished overnight but daily relentless habit helps tremendously to overcome any fear. In fact, criticism is much more useful to myself than someone just telling me “wow, great!” Ok thanks for that it’s good to hear but I didn’t learn anything besides how to preen my ego. Make the critic sharks your best friend in this particular journey and never take anyone too seriously. Life’s too short to dwell on others opinions… Take it in, figure out if what they’re saying makes sense to you and apply their advice if applicable! Hope this helps in some small way :’)

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    1. Thanks so much! Yes setting little and large goals has been one of the most helpful things as I get to see my little goals accomplished almost daily and get to keep big goals in my vision. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind, you do the same and good luck to you!

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    1. And thank you for visiting mine, Jeni! Yes you’re right, of course, but I myself have never been a “creative” person until recently so defining that urge and not following it because of money like I’ve planned various degrees and careers mostly based around the salary dollar amount. Moving away from that manner of thinking is liberating!

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  2. You are on the right path. It could be writing or anything else. What it takes is discipline, focus, perseverance, determination, commitment and striving to do your best, even if you’re not Hemingway. The reward has to be intrinsic, coming from inside from your own self-satisfaction, growth and meeting your own goals and challenges. If you work hard and you’re lucky (and good), maybe you’ll also reap extrinsic rewards from your writing, but careful about making that your goal. Keep doing it for the enjoyment of self-expression, introspection, reflection and wisdom.

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  3. Hi Roderick. I love your Blog and especially enjoyed “What makes one a Writer.” With your definition of a Writer – I would say you are a WRITER. Thank you for liking my Blog, because like you – I’ve always written but rarely shared – especially online. WordPress gave me the avenue to want to pen online. I think the insight to learn photography is a good move. I took a beginning digital photography class and it opened up my mind to how awesome everyday life can be when looking through a lens. Keep Writing. busyorganizing.

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    1. Hello, thanks so much for saying that you like my writing and that writing in particular. Going to write a follow up for that soon, just been busy with day job/novel. How awesome for you to share your writings. I’m really glad you made the decision to do that, you are a WRITER too! What a great description of photography, my sister is taking a beginner photography class right now too and she described it almost in exactly the same way. Gonna have her be my teacher. I will and you do the same. Thanks so much for your comment.


  4. I can’t express how calming yet extremely inspiring this post is !! I agree with what being a writer means to you. I have been writing for a very long time but for a long time I just could not muster up the courage to share it with the anybody else. I finally took the step of starting my absolutely random blog and for people like me your voice is very important! Thank you !!

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    1. I’m so happy that you’ve made the decision to share your work and that I have influenced you positively forward. Thank you for sharing this amazing comment Hope! These are the types of comments that can turn my day from average to extraordinary.


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