21st Century Fear

Loneliness is the primary unconscious fear of the 21st century person.

Social media fulfills many roles in people’s lives but intrinsically it has pervaded society to artificially instill a feeling of unity. This unity or sense of community, if you will, is something that we humans seek unconsciously due to evolutionary mechanisms that exist in our brain.

The most succinct explanation of why these so called “evolutionary mechanisms” exist is this example: there are two humans living tens of thousands of years ago. They travel through the primitave wilderness until they get to a small village. This is little more than a camp, but, one of the men decides to stay with the camp while the other decides to continue onwards. The man that continues onwards alone is much more likely to die, whether from the elements, famine or wild animals, than the one that stays with the group. Our ancestors experienced situations like this through many generations so that the instinct to “group or die” stimulates every one of us to unconsciously seek community in our daily lives.

Social media fills that yearning for community. It allows us to share our thoughts and pictures of ourselves. It allows us to communicate with those we know and meet those we don’t. Social media can be a great tool.

Tools can be helpful. By definition, a tool is a human invention that is designed to make life easier or accomplish some task that would otherwise be impossible. Our race has, for better or worse, alone allowed tools to become paramount to their survival. Cars are a good example of a recent tool which has become needed for ‘survival’ for many. If the world was that they must give up their gas powered cars within the next 24 hours, chaos would undoubtedly ensue.

As technology grows in scope and shrinks in size in the coming decades our bodies will become more reliant on the technology in ways than most could ever now conceive. We will effectively become cyborgs relying on a new nervous system in the form of nanotechnology the size of blood cells in our bodies that will heal, protect, transmit, intercept, and do a whole range of other actions-many of which cannot be conceived as they have not yet been invented. This is an interesting concept that confuses many I’ve discussed it with. In short, theorizing on scientific principles that haven’t been discovered and how those will transfer to technological innovations is an excersise in creative futility.

Just my kind of party. Not to belabor the point any further, here’s my creative idea for the day that I wanted to explain my rational behind: Our brains will become linked with this nanotechnology so that what we experience today on our cell phones will be contained inside of our bodies using vision as a display for messages or videos. This has been conjectured before in the form of “chips” but computer chips as they exist today or in the foreseen future don’t have the capability to arrange itself around and through the brain like nanotechnology could.

It’s not a matter of if our phones will be in our minds-it’s when. These will be controllable with thought and have the ability enhance our intelligence notably if we allow ourselves to give up a part of ourselves to machines. Will we willingly make this choice when the time comes? I believe that a majority will. Imagine social media on a permenant, conscious scale. Every waking moment you can look through someone’s photos or there writings or send them a message or give them a ‘ring’ – an archaic term when there will be no external ringer but a call will rise to the forefront of consciousness, lightly tinkling a tune of your choice before you think answer or decline.

This shift towards a global connectome network linking humanity’s minds will be the cause of our transformation into a super-organism. We will still be multifaceted and individualized but if we all have the Internet inside of our brains for our waking hours then that will bring us closer to that idea of community that we all naturally crave that social media fulfills, for now. Look no further than the popularity of Pokemon go for example of a shift towards global technological and media unification. It’s a globally played game thats making millions per day in its first quarter due to the nostalgia and its ability to give users the ability to interact with the world around them.

Do you believe that social media and/or technology is driving towards this possible off ramp I have in mind? Please leave me your thoughts about my thoughts below!

11 thoughts on “21st Century Fear

  1. I feel as though we’re overstimulated as it is; as sad and disturbing a notion as this is, it just might be possible. I daresay the technology already exists; it just hasn’t been tested enough to become perfected and released into the mainstream.

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    1. You are right in that many of us are overstimulated and give little thought to the world around us. We see but we do not have vision. I don’t really agree that it’s possible today in the same way you and I think it is. A good example of similar technology that is being developed would be AI, or artificial intelligence. True AI is still some years away from becoming a reality but it is one of the most massively researched subjects of study under scrutiny and development today. What we have today are various forms or parts of AI such as SIRI in Apple products. When AI, like true nanotechnology that can interact on a neuron level, is invented we will hear about it, make no mistake. Even then it will take years of trial before technology that interacts with the publics brain will be regulated and allowed to be brought to market. It will dawn the beginning of a new species… We will effectively have transformed ourselves into cyborgs.

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      1. It is all not just an attempt for humans to dominate humanity as a witness to desirable fulfillment?
        On the other hand is it not a war-machine for backstabbers and gossip to circulate?
        You make some excellent points about technological innovations, and primarily that is the scope of the future. The ideology that ‘metal maketh the man and electricity can make the minds of many’ has long been counteracted, but still some visions are burnt into the vanity of those who see themselves as a visionary.
        I might become a hybrid-cyborg, but I will refuse to loose my eyesight under the hand of enginuity, designed to drain the very essence of my soul.
        Take care

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    1. Yes, one my recurring science fiction themes is being connected and maintained by technology, as you write. Playing, ‘what if’ led to my novel, Returnee, because an update to a person’s bio ware is corrupted, damaging his memory and his medi-nanos’ ability to keep him healthy and young. Sorry for the commercial, but great post. Cheers

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      1. Sounds like a really interesting story, I’d give it a read for sure just based on your one sentence description! Hardly a commercial, just smart marketing. Thanks for sharing Michael! Always insightful comments.

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  2. My first instinct was to scream SKYNET IS HERE!!!! But, then I got rational and wondered if maybe I should’ve screamed louder? Run faster? Should I scream before I run or as I’m running? But then I’m using oxygen to scream when I should’ve run faster. Maybe text them AFTER I got to my safe haven? Eek, so many things to think about……. Maybe we should just stick to screaming?

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    1. You cannot escape from SKYNET. Don’t waste valuable oxygen on running when we can sit and scream with each other. Let’s scream at the impending doom and maybe buy a bullhorn and warn those in the town square. Loudly.

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