A Secret of Silence

The master sat in silence for three days and three nights.

On the morning of the fourth day, a boy monk came to the master and asked him, “how can you be so silent for such a length of time with such wisdom as yours?”

The master answered with silence.

The boy asked him, “I desire so to be as silent as you, please tell me how.”

The master answered with silence.

The boy asked him, “Please master, please-oh-please impart your secret onto me.”

The master answered with silence.

The boy lost his temper at what he perceived was the master’s unresponsiveness and said to him, “You sit here and share nothing. All of your wisdom and yet you say nothing. Will you ever answer my question?”

The master answered with a smile and said, “Yes. Would you like me to do so again?”

Too often we look for a catch-all secret formula towards activities we participate in; which is usually a futile attempt. So if you want to do what someone else is doing: simply go and do what they are doing.



12 thoughts on “A Secret of Silence

    1. I wholeheartedly agree that this attitude is lacking in Western culture. Thus, my attempt at bringing it to as many eyes as I can. These types of ideas have helped me immensely so I’ve been trying to share what I can in a manner that is spiritually entertaining. Thanks so much for reading and your nice comment.


  1. This was AWESOME. Reminded me of Buddha’s “Parable of the Poisoned Arrow” in that it calls into question the validity of a question and what a question’s purpose is. This was written simplistically enough that the message was communicated but with enough voice as to not sterilize the point. Seriously cool. You should be proud of this one!

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