Time Travel

A curtain of black hair masked the bowed head of the girl. Her knees bounced up and down incessantly while the sounds of muffled heavy breathing leaked out from behind her hair. The master saw this as he walked through the garden and so approached this sad looking creature and asked, “Whatever is the matter, girl?”

She looked up between her hair and rubbed her red eyes before answering, “I had an anxiety attack.”

The master said, “Did you know that time travel has been around since the dawn of human consciousness?”

Her furrowed brow rose rapidly in surprise. “Wh-wh-what?” She said.

“Yes, yes.” The master replied with a sly smile. “The average consciousness is constantly traveling around through time.”

She gave him a look that clearly showed that she thought he was insane. He knew the same to be true of her but would never allow that judgement to enter his eyes.

The master explained, “The average thought is either in the past or the future. The past can be good to learn from sparingly, but dwelling on it can only lead to loss of lifetime and possibly negative emotions. The only future that exists is the one that your mind creates. Worrying about something that cannot come into this moment is futile. Worrying about a future that might not even happen is futile. Worry, in and of itself, is futile. So, instead of time traveling and allowing your mind to beat you down, allow yourself to live in this moment and be entirely present.”

14 thoughts on “Time Travel

        1. I have seen that movie but its been such a long time that I’ve kind of evolved personalities several times. I definitely wouldn’t have resonated with something like that when I watched it at 13 but I’ll have to give it another shot sometime and see what else I can get out of it. Thank you so much for reading and the compliment I’m actually blushing.


    1. Thanks so much I agree! It came to me when I was visiting my sister and just relaxing listening to music and I literally jumped up and ran to my notebook about 100 yards away so I could jot it down frantically to post for later.

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