Paradox [Three sentences 153 words]

The big bang of the universe happens in that moment when the speakers begin to play music that resonates with everyone listening to the sound waves roll. The thrill of the beat had me hop-skip-jumping through the concert as that sweet melody bounced and energized those it washed upon so that we were all dancing around each other like mad men while drinks were being drunk and everything was go, go, go! Some girl started up a cry of ‘carpeĀ diem’ until the DJ brought the beat up several octaves, but then paused all sound, as if this were a rollercoaster that had reached the peak of the climb and then, all of a sudden, drops so excitingly that everyone is screaming and out of their minds with their hands in the air clinking little plastic cups while shouting toasts like ‘everyone anywhere else is a paradox because they’re not here right now’.

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