Face – 50 word poem [Tranquil Tuesday/Thursday]

Face your life head on,

While rolling with the punches

Be still as a lake

But don’t bend like willows

Or one day soon break.


Face your fears head on,

They are a hidden gift

What frightens is really light

Like lighthouses save sailors adrift

on a dark moon night.



This was really fun to do! I’ve been very infrequent in my postings which will be changing. Originally I conceived this blog as posting a short story every day. This did not happen for longer than three weeks for a variety of reasons. Most of all due to the fact that short stories are very time-consuming and by putting all my energy into that form of writing I didn’t feel I was pushing my capabilities. So, I started posting random musings, dialogue excerpts, and poetry. These have been immensely successful for my own development while I continue my novel and series writing/planning.

I’ve made the decision to post daily again, with a theme planned for each day. The first will be Tranquil Tuesdays/Thursdays. These will be light poems of some kind focused on either nature or deeper concepts. For all those that have followed me so far, thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me validation and critique on something I am often unsure of and times frightened to do. To those that just stumbled onto this post, stay tuned for more frequent and developed posts.



One thought on “Face – 50 word poem [Tranquil Tuesday/Thursday]

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