Friday’s Top Four Faves

Movie: Inside Out (2016)

Inside Out Poster

I’m increasingly astounded by the stories that the big animated studios have been releasing recently. While this was primarily marketed as a children’s story, it had a lot more depth than its ancestors such as Madagascar or Cars. The movie helps children (and their parents) learn about their emotions and memories. It brushes the surface of the complex issue of depression while maintaining a light and funny vibe that will keep the kids (and myself) laughing throughout. While normally I’m not a fan of animated films, this one struck a resounding chord in me. Check out this oscar award winning movie if you haven’t already.

Science Fiction Book: Red Rising

Image result for red rising

What an incredible series. It’s like Star Wars and Divergent got together for some baby-making while the Hunger Games watched from the corner. I honestly can only tell you it’s dystopian science fiction set on a terraformed mars in the not too distant future. I don’t want to spoil anything for you because I went into it not expecting much and knowing nothing about the first book and it was so much I was not able to put them down. I blew through the trilogy in less than a week and just writing about it has me itching to give it another read through. Definitely one of the best dystopian series out there right now. Take the chance to read this before the movie comes out as Universal bought the rights in Feb 2014. This quote literally sends shivers down my spine. Or was that an obsidian?

Quote 4

Spiritual Book: Tao Te Ching (4th century BC.)

Image result for Tao te ching

This is a classic Chinese Taoist spiritual text that according to tradition was written around the 6th century BC but has only been reliably dated to around the 4th century. Attributed to a singular author: Lao Tzu whose name is actually an honorific title which most closely translates to the ‘Old Master’. I am unfortunately unable to read Chinese so instead read Raymond B. Blakney’s 1955 English translation. It communicates wisdom that is entirely relevant today about living a lifestyle of virtuous action and giving respect to nature. I first read it about a month ago and have since re-read it multiple times. It isn’t very long and yet contains so much wisdom that I feel that I’ve learned ten new different things after each read. As with all spiritual texts, try to go into this with an open mind if you do decide to pick it up and also keep in mind it was written over 2400 years ago.

“Endurance is to keep one’s place;
Long life it is to die and not perish”

Health Book: The UltraMind Solution

Image result for Ultramind solution

This was a book recommended to me by a friend when I suggested to him I wanted to start taking steps to improve the efficiency of my brain. Doctor Hyman explains his background as a traditional pill pushing doctor and his journey into what he calls UltraWellness. He practices a form of medicine known as ‘Mind-Body’ medicine in which he explains in countless ways in which everything is interconnected within the body, especially the mind. Dr. Hyman explains and walks you through the following seven steps in order to get your body and mind into a peak state: Optimize Nutrition, Balance Your Hormones, Cool Off Inflammation, Fix Your Digestion, Enhance Detoxification, Boost Energy Metabolism and Calm Your Mind. This is an extremely beneficial book BUT does contain some rather far-fetched claims, misinformation, and misuse of statistics for rash generalizations about global happenings. Not everything you read is true even if most of what he says is. Just use your common sense and allow Dr. Hyman to show you how to care for your brain.

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Top Four Faves

  1. You know, I feel like I’m in the small minority of people who just didn’t connect with Inside Out. It was clever, no doubt, but it didn’t strike me as a classic as did Monsters Inc. or the Incredibles, say. I’m glad you dug it though.
    Red Rising seems intriguing. I may have to check that out.
    And Taoism is quite mind-blowing, huh? ‘A bowl is most useful when it is empty’ is an incredible concept. Taoism is written with a poetry and natural, loose obscurity to it which differentiates itself from Confucianism and the other Asian philosophies in the way it is presented. Makes for good reading! Thanks for sharing, great post!

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    1. I can see how you feel that way, it was a different sort of story with some darkness lurking. Plus it might just have to do with the fact that we aren’t kids anymore and those types movies are reminiscent of childhood.
      It’s my go to series to recommend to people now when they ask me what they should read for recreation. Really fantastically bloody good books that aren’t too lengthy.
      It certainly is! That is a really interesting concept, I enjoy eastern thinking immensely. That’s an interesting distinction I wasn’t aware of… need to get my hands on more Taoist texts! More eastern texts of all kind now that I put it out there! You’re fairly knowledgeable do you have any recommendations?
      Thanks for the comment and reading J.J. Its always insightful.

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      1. A lot of this Asian philosophy is new to me, but I was impacted right away by Buddhist texts. The Fire Sermon is an essential Buddhist piece that I really enjoyed. I’ll be sure to share good stuff when I stumble across it!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s fairly new to me as well so that would be awesome if you did so man. Just read the Fire Sermon… wow. Thanks for sharing that was a powerful piece I enjoyed it immensely. I’m woefully ignorant of Buddhist texts because I merely meditate and discuss philosophy with my Thai coworkers. Need to do some research into it.


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