Make This Your Week

“Only you can stop yourself.”

“Instead of pointing fingers at others when something goes wrong, point at yourself.”

“There is never a lack of resources; merely a lack of resourcefulness.”

“Kick your excuses to the curb or watch your life slip away faster than the view while driving.”

These are four of my favorite motivational quotes. The first is just a common phrase with no original author (as far as I know) but does anyone know who/where the subsequent three originated from? (hint: The second is a man who shares the same initials as a famous alien, the third is a man who has a surname similar to a flock of birds, and the last is from the person writing the words that you’re reading right now.)

Mondays are really tough on those people that live for their weekends. In response, #motivationmonday. I’ll be posting more in this theme on the coming Mondays to bring some motivation on the day that many of us need it the most. Join me and tag #motivationmonday on your own motivational posts on Mondays and lets collectively get our weeks started off right. Thanks for reading,


7 thoughts on “Make This Your Week

  1. MONDAY MOTIVATION! WOOO! I tried to think of witty guesses as to who those quotes could be attributed to, but I fell short and ended up Googling them. Today isn’t a day ripe for wit, apparently.

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    1. GET HYPE! Wit isn’t necessarily knowledge. You are plump full of wit but can’t possibly know everything there is to know. That’s why mutual sharing with stuff like reading and writing is so goddamn cool. You can get the best of someone else’s knowledge that have taken them days, weeks or even years to learn. So don’t get down on yourself my friend, we all have off days in which the fruit refuses to drop.

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