Born in 1995 in Hawaii and then moved to Southern California in 2001. Residing in Bakersfield.

All works are conceived, written and edited on the day that they are posted. There will not be any editing of these stories in any way after the day that they are posted. They are thus a sort of measuring stick for myself and my progress as a writer while also generating original content and interacting with people about writing. These postings are focused on original content, idea creation, inspiration, and entertainment. Sometimes based off of prompts chosen from Reddit. I’m focused on completing the first book in a series I have planned while I put in the hustle of being an apprentice in word-craftsmanship. 

I have serious ambitions; my pen name ‘Roderick Wills’ has ancient etymology meaning behind it, the respective words meaning: famously powerful and protection. I strive to be the embodiment of both in my novel; shaping it so it will be popular, controversial and yet contain a powerful theme(s) that points out modern day issues that need protection in some form lest they spiral out of control.