Paradox [Three sentences 153 words]

The big bang of the universe happens in that moment when the speakers begin to play music that resonates with everyone listening to the sound waves roll. The thrill of the beat had me hop-skip-jumping through the concert as that sweet melody bounced and energized those it washed upon so that we were all dancing … Continue reading Paradox [Three sentences 153 words]

A Modern Urban Resource Negotiation [flash fiction]

So I was buying a drink at a gas station today. I walked up, said hello and placed the drink on the counter. The attendant, who was counting receipts on the counter less than 3 feet away from the drink, looks up at me and then proceeds to look back down at his receipts without saying … Continue reading A Modern Urban Resource Negotiation [flash fiction]

Sea Green Raindrops [Repost]

Great piece with a beautiful picture to accompany it. Really enjoyed this one thanks Amber!

Lost In Amberland

The sky is a dim gray, as the raindrops begin to fall.I’m staring out across the ocean, watching the rain mix into the sea. Everything around me seems to be moving in slow motion. I am concentrating on my breath, synchronizing it with the crashing of the waves against the shore. The world seems to stop, just for a singleheartbeat.

A Seagull’scry breaks my moment of meditation. I watch as the bird flies so beautifully over the sea. For a while, I imagine myself living as free as this bird. Flying away, leaving any troubles behind. Making the beach my home, the ocean my playground. Then, I turn around, and slowly walk back up the beach; heading back towards my reality.

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Pools of Comfort

William rubbed the crust out of his eyes as he stumbled through the gate behind most of his team. Groggy eyes peeked out from hoodies as the boys mumbled greetings on their way to the locker room. The black sky gave no hint of the approaching dawn. The cold white concrete of the floor and … Continue reading Pools of Comfort

The ‘Good’ Life [Short Story] Chicken nuggets flew in all directions as I screamed, "Why is nothing right?" Kayla and Diamond patted me consolingly as I shook with rage. "You can have my nuggets baby," Kayla said. "It's not about the nuggets it's about the principle!" I shouted as I scooted forward and kicked nuggets out of the way. … Continue reading The ‘Good’ Life [Short Story]


A waking nightmare where, The wear and tear, Of my past where, I couldn't care to care, Makes a present with no care. Birthdays missed here and there, no thought on how my family fare, Because I’m not aware. My minds nowhere, And it’s not fair, Because no-one’s there to care. Choking on the foul … Continue reading Depression

Kronos Excerpt #4 Jove felt a mix of annoyance and panic. With eyes shut tight, the cool metal of the ladder rung seemed to cool some of the burning in his head. He spoke in a measured voice through gritted teeth, “Would you rather wait for the guards to find us? We can’t stay here. We definitely … Continue reading Kronos Excerpt #4