Kronos Excerpt #4 Jove felt a mix of annoyance and panic. With eyes shut tight, the cool metal of the ladder rung seemed to cool some of the burning in his head. He spoke in a measured voice through gritted teeth, “Would you rather wait for the guards to find us? We can’t stay here. We definitely … Continue reading Kronos Excerpt #4


Asgard: Drug Of Insanity Or Intelligence? “What do you mean there's a fifty/fifty chance?” I cried out in exasperation. “I thought you said that this one was foolproof!” A lone bulb cast its pitiful glow in our direction attempting to illuminate the pitch black darkness encroaching. It failed dismally to illuminate this mysterious man’s true identity. We had arranged this … Continue reading Asgard: Drug Of Insanity Or Intelligence?

Kronos Excerpt #3

Six shadows move through the empty streets of the city. Darkness cloaks them as their feet bring them towards their mission. It was still more night than morning in this city of cold stone. The pounding of feet slows as the group nears the school’s gates. The gleaming red letters of the sign illuminate the … Continue reading Kronos Excerpt #3

Pain Isn’t Fear Pain isn’t fear. “Join me on the adventure of a lifetime,” captain had said. Hah. What may have started out as a journey to adventure had dissolved into a full-scale mutiny within days of setting off from the port. Rolf had gone to his cabin below deck early last night due to a splitting … Continue reading Pain Isn’t Fear

“Your human licence has expired” Kronos Excerpt #2

[WP] "Your human licence has expired" The sweet smell of freshly baked cookies pervaded the dimly lit kitchen. Dark stone counter tops were littered in baking supplies and heat seemed to be radiating from the oven as a second batch of chocolate chip cookies baked. A kind-looking portly woman sat at a battered wooden table … Continue reading “Your human licence has expired” Kronos Excerpt #2

Excerpt #1 from Kronos

[WP] A writer struggling with their novel has reverted back to the exercise "Write what happened today." What they don't realize is that what's happening in their daily life is a better story than any they could write. I’ve sat here staring at the little blinking black bar for over an hour. Words just cannot … Continue reading Excerpt #1 from Kronos