Your breath on my skin feels like a summer breeze.  Warm and inviting, my heart is at ease.  Like an easel you mix me, swirl my emotions.  We both want more than just going through the motions.  Got me seeing double like drunk in a club. Dreaming of times we spent high above. Our worries … Continue reading Warmth

Friday’s Top Four Faves

Movie: Inside Out (2016) I'm increasingly astounded by the stories that the big animated studios have been releasing recently. While this was primarily marketed as a children's story, it had a lot more depth than its ancestors such as Madagascar or Cars. The movie helps children (and their parents) learn about their emotions and memories. It … Continue reading Friday’s Top Four Faves

2084 [Worldbuilding Wednesday]

The world ended on 2084. The Earth didn't explode or get hit by a giant meteor. The sun and the moon were still spinning in their celestial tracks. The zombie plague had not gone viral. In fact, those few who had survived the end of the world often scratched their heads after and asked, "How … Continue reading 2084 [Worldbuilding Wednesday]

Kronos Excerpt #4

https://www.reddit.com/r/WritingPrompts/comments/4txqds/tt_you_cant_go_out_there_the_sun_is_out/ Jove felt a mix of annoyance and panic. With eyes shut tight, the cool metal of the ladder rung seemed to cool some of the burning in his head. He spoke in a measured voice through gritted teeth, “Would you rather wait for the guards to find us? We can’t stay here. We definitely … Continue reading Kronos Excerpt #4