Face – 50 word poem [Tranquil Tuesday/Thursday]

Face your life head on, While rolling with the punches Be still as a lake But don't bend like willows Or one day soon break.   Face your fears head on, They are a hidden gift What frightens is really light Like lighthouses save sailors adrift on a dark moon night.     This was really … Continue reading Face – 50 word poem [Tranquil Tuesday/Thursday]

Pain Isn’t Fear

https://www.reddit.com/r/WritingPrompts/comments/4sk22m/wp_write_a_story_about_a_ship_make_sure_it_could/ Pain isn’t fear. “Join me on the adventure of a lifetime,” captain had said. Hah. What may have started out as a journey to adventure had dissolved into a full-scale mutiny within days of setting off from the port. Rolf had gone to his cabin below deck early last night due to a splitting … Continue reading Pain Isn’t Fear