The Wise Man {Tao Te Ching Excerpt}

The following is not my own writing; in fact, the Tao Te Ching was written approximately 500bc by the philosopher Lao Tzu and is a very important text to the duality of spiritual and religious Taoism and it's 12million followers. I was rereading it through for the second time today and this particular passage really resonated with … Continue reading The Wise Man {Tao Te Ching Excerpt}

The ‘Good’ Life [Short Story] Chicken nuggets flew in all directions as I screamed, "Why is nothing right?" Kayla and Diamond patted me consolingly as I shook with rage. "You can have my nuggets baby," Kayla said. "It's not about the nuggets it's about the principle!" I shouted as I scooted forward and kicked nuggets out of the way. … Continue reading The ‘Good’ Life [Short Story]